Time to Talk* (03/19/21)

My mother opened the door outside
the full moon casting glitter on
the front lawn, fresh snow
unmarked by the deer and rabbits.

She was looking for Orange Cat
afraid he snuck outside when my nephew
put the golf cart away
Picturing him shivering woke her suddenly

“Here kitty kitty”
the echoing
“Here cat, here key cat”
across the quiet
her voice carrying on and on
with no trucks, no tractors, no planes,
no houses, no wind, no leaves
to muffle

Hey, Lois!”
a familiar voice stretching
from far up the valley
Whatcha doing?
startling the quiet

Oh! Hey, Kurt! I’m just looking for Orange Cat!”
the dark limbs of the maple trees
carrying their conversation
a neighborly exchange at 3am

with the start of his ’01 diesel
and the rattling of his gooseneck
my mom shut the door behind her
and turned to find Orange Cat on the
pile of clean clothes by her bed

*my take on my favorite Robert Frost poem

Photo by u0422u0430u0442u044cu044fu043du0430 u0427u0435u0440u043du044bu0448u043eu0432u0430ud83cudf52 on Pexels.com

8 thoughts on “Time to Talk* (03/19/21)

    1. ha ha he was headed out to an auction that started at 8 and had to pick up some cows at his other property. It was mostly his truck and trailer driving by rather than sustained use…but yes – 3am. only my mother could carry on a conversation like this – 1/4 mile apart. Love country life (which is why I head home so often still).

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  1. Your words, poetic and descriptive, give way to an eeriness in the midst of the night and urgency surrounding your missing cat predicament. I love the addition of the neighborly exchange, particularly the dialogue. The reader catches a glimpse of the neighborhood feel and climate. Lovely!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Love your words. This part really stood out to me–
    “the dark limbs of the maple trees
    carrying their conversation
    a neighborly exchange at 3am”
    I can picture it!
    This narrative poem kept my attention until the end. Great slice!

    Liked by 1 person

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