Gazebo (03/21/21)

My mom has a gazebo at her house and today is the first day of the year that we sat inside and talked with one another. The sun was out, the kids were jumping on the trampoline and she wanted to share a binder of barn plans she has been collecting since 2000.

It is the place she and I go every morning in the summer to drink our coffee. I read my books out there on the mini outdoor couch, listening to the flies hit the screen as they try to fly through. At night, the outdoor string lights bring enough light to write. We listen to the peepers sing the sounds of summer.

I asked her where she got her gazebo thinking that I would love to have one at my own house some day. I realized though that the gazebo isn’t what I want, it’s the conversations, the connections, the peace that I associate with it.

my mom’s gazebo in the fall

3 thoughts on “Gazebo (03/21/21)

  1. It sounds like a lovely place. It is so special that you and your mom drink coffee together every morning in the summer. Maybe your future gazebo can be a place for you and your children to connect and find peace.

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