Kill Deer (03/23/21)

Yesterday I heard them. The penetrating shrill tee-dee-de-de-de, tee-dee-de-de-de. I have been expecting them and it wasn’t long before I spotted their white undercarriage as they took flight from the ground’s camouflage.

The house I purchased two years ago had been vacant and unkept for five years. The side yard a sea of eight foot reedy weeds that made walking impossible, but was perfect for hiding birds’ nests and fawns. Needless to say, with the introduction of a Kubota, the reeds left, a naturally grown lawn emerged and the habitat my winged-friends laid their ground nest in was gone. Still they laid their eggs and without alternatives accepted the challenge; exposed to the elements, the predators, the fear of careless mower driving. Their “broken-wing” act performed too often. Mowing was ceased near their home and a 100 square foot patch allowed the reeds to grow as their guardians, but with so much against them I assumed they would leave, conceding to gentrification, and find new nesting grounds.

Yet, they are back. I can see their hurried gate and abrupt, nervous halting movements. Their long legs and disjointed head bobbing, their questioning hard falsetto “teep. teep. teep.” asking “oh you’re still here?”

Copyright: ©Claude Nadeau/VIREO

11 thoughts on “Kill Deer (03/23/21)

  1. Every time I walk out back and get too close to a tree where a mother bird has her nest I am chastised by her. She is not happy until I step away. I guess I can’t blame her. Like any good mother she is looking out for her young.

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  2. They are a determined bunch. I hope you leave a small spot for them again–they may not even give you a choice. Our porch is a haven for bird nests. A bird build one while we were out of town, and I don’t have the heart to knock it down.

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    1. Once I find their nest, I will absolutely put up my barricade again. I felt so bad last spring…
      I can’t knock the nests down either…I tell myself it’s a compliment bc they think it’s worthy of nesting ha ha ha

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  3. This is a gem of a piece of writing. The phrase “spotted their white undercarriage as they took flight from the ground’s camouflage” just jumped out at me. Nice craft move to begin and end with their call, and their query- are you still here? So well written.

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  4. Your writing is beautiful! Your word choices are very poetic. I especially like the ‘gentrification’ line. The sounds of the birds came to life with the words you selected. It was a nice visit with nature.

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  5. A sure sign of spring!!! I can sense the impact these tiny creatures have on you. You write in your anticipation so beautifully, it’s like a gift has arrived at the first sight of these birds. What a lovely slice.

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