The Food Episode (03/27/21)

We had an interesting conversation the other day surrounding one of my favorite topics: food. It started out with the general what three foods would you choose if they were the only thing you could eat for the rest of your life and evolved into just a general discussion of what foods bring pure joy when it is needed.

I really struggled with the first question because I don’t want to remove my love for my favorite foods by eating them over and over and over and over – anything that is overplayed loses its appeal. As a case in this point, I detailed a week where it felt like every meal was pizza-based which by this question’s theory, I should have loved, but I am not kidding when I say that I didn’t have pizza for 63 days afterward. So during this conversation I really pushed to share foods that bring me joy; arguing that some days a certain meal might make me swoon, but on another day be a dish of repugnance.

This post, inspired by this conversation, is my attempt to detail two dishes that are considered jubilation on a plate.

not much left of my gyro at this point, but you get the idea…

Eggplant Gyro from Olives Greek Taverna – this beauty has lightly breaded eggplant tucked cozy in a warm, lightly toasted pita-like bread. The garlic spread adds flavor but also the necessary creaminess that keeps it from being dry. Roasted red peppers, onions, and tomatoes add the acid to cut through the richness of it all. You get all the feels when you take your first bite. It is soft yet has the must-have crunch from the breaded eggplant and veggies. The garlic is strong, but in the best way. Pairing it with their Greek Fries (feta topped French fries tossed in lemon, olive oil and oregano) makes this one of the best $12.00 meals you can find.

Trader Joe’s Kunefe. Ho-ly cow. Never would I have imagined a boxed, frozen dessert could read my soul. When it emerges from the oven you are welcomed by love. Shredded phyllo dough, a crunchy coat surrounding a body of melted cheeses. As you drizzle the simple syrup over the crushed pistachios, the pan sets to sizzling like the electricity you feel just by occupying its space. Add to its impact by standing over it to watch the sauce move fluidly through every open space in the shredded dough. The first cut with a fork induces involuntary body responses that come from ASMR. It’s the dish I hate sharing…

…pardon me while I head to Pittsford to pick these these up.

8 thoughts on “The Food Episode (03/27/21)

  1. Thanks for sharing. I’m with you on the need for variety. When folks ask my favorite food, I tend to say “something I’ve never had before.” It’s not that I don’t have foods I love, but I want to keep expanding my horizons.

    Great job including images and sounds. I’m going to have to plan a trip to Trader Joe’s soon.


  2. Likewise, I couldn’t limit myself to three meals. I have my favorites which include meatloaf. I have my comfort foods such as hot dogs, mashed potatoes and baked beans ( don’t judge), I have desserts like almost any kind of cake and special desserts like baklava. Now I’m hungry.


  3. Yes, there are some days when something sounds great, and other days when that same food doesn’t sound good at all. I appreciate that. It’s funny– Nawal at NQCLiteracy wrote about TJ’s Kunefe. I have many food favorites from TJ’s, but this is one I’ve never tried. May need to pick one up the next time I’m there.

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    1. Seriously Kunefe will change you. It is magical… 🙂
      Side note: I just purchased your new book after last week’s ILA webinar. If you know of any book clubs reading it, please let me know! I would love to read it with others – either way, I am soooo looking forward to reading it! ❤


  4. Loved all the sensory description. Food is not just about taste. I also loved how well you described how we can’t eat the same things over and over again. I am glad I didn’t read this while I was hungry.

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