One Whole Month (03/31/21)

This was my first year writing with the Slice of Life community. I didn’t know what to expect other than the potential impending doom of writer’s block or missing an entry (neither of which actually happened; I’m giving myself a high five for this). What I am walking away with is something that engaged me in all the right ways. Writing regularly isn’t new, but knowing that this writing was going to be published meant I was spending a little more time crafting my thoughts. A couple of days before SOL started, using Patty McGee’s work (love her) I created two goals for myself and wrote them in my notebook. In full disclosure, this process also is part of my coursework with my graduate students so I was modeling this process while also engaging in my own personal writing goals. My goals are shared below:

  • Writer-Centered Goal: I will engage in daily writing in my notebook and publish on my writing blog (public) every. single. day. during the month of March
    • Clarity – set number of days to write and publish (daily)
    • Challenge – I write in my notebook regularly, but not daily and I have only published my writing a few times so writing daily and publishing daily is a challenge
    • Commitment – I am excited to challenge myself. I have a community of writers who will help support my goal, but this is something I want for myself.
  • Writing-Centered Goal: For each published piece of writing, I will target two sentences or lines to revise word choice and imagery (detailed description) to enhance my readers’ experience. 
    • Clarity – focusing only on the published writing, word choice and imagery are specifically named in my goal. 
    • Challenge – It is easy to publish initial drafts from my notebook by simply typing them as a post, but I am challenging myself to revise two lines minimally to enhance word choice and imagery.
    • Commitment – I love collecting beautiful words from the books I read (the lines that stir my heart). My goal is to publish pieces that inspire others to write them in their notebooks or at least to stop and pause and say, “dang that was a really written line/description”.

After day 7 or so, the descriptive language I was really working toward started to come to me a little more easily, I had a solid morning routine even if I wasn’t able to get to “published” draft form until 10pm on some days. On the days where I published before 9am felt like a complete success for the day.

Reading others’ writing also inspired so many ideas that I had never thought of. So many folx in this community had many ideas that I added to my writer’s notebook as topics to write about in the future. I also really enjoyed the connections I made with my people I have never met (you know who you…I hope). It amazes how just reading snippets of someone’s life can support this level camaraderie that I feel in my heart.

Anyway, this post will connect my love for showing horses with my writing. In many competitions, the judges award the Top Ten place finishers. When I look back that this experience, there are so many posts that I loved writing. Out of the 30 posts from this month, I am awarding the ones that I personally enjoyed writing. I wonder which posts you wrote are your favorites?

And the winners are…

Reserve Champion – Two Sentence Stories

Grand Champion – Thrift Store Photos

I raise a glass to all of us for writing this month. Thank you for welcoming me into this community and encouraging me a long the way – I have thoroughly enjoyed myself. Cheers!

6 thoughts on “One Whole Month (03/31/21)

  1. Congratulations on meet your goals. I can’t think of a more supportive group of writers than those here at TWT, I am glad you accepted the challenge and joined in. I enjoyed your daily posts.

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  2. I have enjoyed your writing and I also want to thank you for your generous and heartfelt comment writing!
    And I’m so impressed with your challenge of zooming in on writing at least 2 sentences more descriptively and beautifully- what a great practice. You had a stellar first year- I hope to read see you next March!

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  3. I love everything about this post! First off, kudos for setting goals before you started. You definitely reached the goal for word choice and imagery. I didn’t know you were working on this until now, but that is what stuck out to me in your posts! Also, creating these awards for yourself is genius. I must copy and can definitely see the transfer of this to the classroom! I loved Zoom and your Food Truck post. I would be very curious to hear more about the classes you teach. Your students are lucky to have such a thoughtful professor!

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