03/15/22 Thoughts on Flying

Completely unrelated to this post: Happy Birthday, Eva Poppy New Girl.

Leave the overhead luggage at least three rows ahead of your seat so you can yank it down with less pressure.

Always accept the snacks.

Elicit the spiritual support of deceased family and friends when you feel the panic attack coming on.

When selecting seats, choose the aisle – that way someone is less likely to sit with you and you’re less likely to get sucked out the window if it breaks.

Make a point to consider how truly amazing airplanes are. The road trip that should take 32 hours, now only takes 3.5 hours within the airplane.

If you are seated at the window, make sure to open the blinds and peer down at the houses below. Are there swimming pools? solar paneled roofs? Can you spot the horse farm or the school? Golf courses dotting their way around the suburbs.

Photo by Dan Gold on Pexels.com

9 thoughts on “03/15/22 Thoughts on Flying

  1. I had never thought to put my luggage three rows ahead! That’s genius! But I usually select an aisle just in case I have to go to the bathroom. And I do take the snacks too. Fun post.

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  2. Each point elicits a different feeling- a laugh, an aha, empathy, a yes I do that too… So while short this piece feels very full. And I agree, flying is amazing (you remind us to keep the wonder in mind) but also prosaic (getting that suitcase down, bad snacks but still pocket them!) Can I add one to your list? My uncle who was a military pilot told me to always get seats at the wing. Why? In crashes, that piece stays the most intact! (Not to discourage you or anything!)


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