03/16/22 – Maple Florence, My Love

Morning walks through wet grass toward the mulch piles and muddy    trails probably wouldn't happen if you weren't in my life. 

Alert yet unaware, not sure which path to choose, which path will lead to scents and trails of new experiences. I blissfully yet blindly follow you. A

Paragon of adolescence, always bounding and pouncing, never actually walking anywhere, nose to the ground hoping for something exciting. The

Liason between my work-consumed life and the balance that I should prioritize. You are working to get me there; even now as I type these words. 

Evermore sitting with me, listening, kissing, being. And I am grateful for you.

Maple Florence, my beautiful Boykin Spaniel.

5 thoughts on “03/16/22 – Maple Florence, My Love

  1. As a middle-school teacher, I feel like I’ve seen my fair share of mediocre acrostic poems. This is not that! It’s so inviting how these longer lines meander their litany of imagery.

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  2. I agree, this lifts the acrostic form up a few notches. I like how you use quite unusual words, like paragon and liaison. And the way you add a word to the previous line when you need it to get you started on the next adds a lovely flow. This is such a tribute to your dog and to how dogs improve our lives in general. The photo is the icing- so funny to see your darling dripping in muck!


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