03/17/22 – St. Patrick’s Day

Before Ralphie started school,

we didn’t know to create traps

of green and gold,

hot glue and coins.

We didn’t know there was a

little mischievous leprechaun

that would find his way into our home

to spread gold confetti everywhere

or that he would pee in our toilet

and not flush.

But now that Ralphie has started school,

I now understand that this is what happens

on St. Patrick’s Day.

It’s 9:30am.

Ralphie is at school and

I have a broom in my hand

cleaning up after traditions

I didn’t know existed.

Traditions that are totally worth it

based on his “mind-blown” shrill.

9 thoughts on “03/17/22 – St. Patrick’s Day

  1. This made me laugh – When my kids were little we did a few leprechaun traps and I got so overwhelmed with trying to make it magical! Now they are older… and I kinda miss it!

    Love the theme here of traditions you didn’t eve know existed… and how you have to clean up after them anyway!

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