03/26/22 – On this day in 1983…

On this day in 1983, I officially became a living, breathing member of society and with every full orbital rotation, I feel compelled to reflect on the past year while looking forward to the next.

Today’s reflection is inspired by last year’s post: NYT 7 Q’s/Bday Reflections. I had to modify the questions because the originals were connected to the pandemic and for me, the pandemic’s restrictions have been lifted and life is slowly getting back to normal. I still wear a mask at the grocery store, but the fear I felt last year at this time has been reduced (thank you, vaccinations).

What’s one thing you made this year?

I helped build our horse barn. We officially broke ground on July 31, 2021 and spent every day in August laboring in the summer heat, moving dirt fill, raising trusses, moving crushed concrete, applying plywood to the roof.

Every weekend during the fall was spent roofing.

Every weekend in November and into December hardboard secured the walls and windows enclosed the space.

January and early February brought work-stalling snow. Inside the barn we built the doors. And now we are in March, the doors are installed, window trim is being placed, the fence will be installed and hopefully soon the horses will come home.

What Ralph calls, “Janeen’s Horse House.”

What part of life have you turned to?

I turn to my daily walks with Maple. I listen to my podcasts, I listen to the birds and I watch for little moments each season brings. The praying mantis egg sacks in the spring are bringing a lot of peace. I am excited to see them hatched and eating the aphids in our garden.

Mantis egg sack

Did you have any particularly bad ideas?

No. I overthink everything so I rarely have “particularly bad” ideas…just some that are less successful than others. Buying a row machine wasn’t the best idea, but I wouldn’t quantify as “particularly bad”. That and not bringing more pants and sweatshirts to Arizona when we visited in February…

What’s a moment this year you’ll always remember?

Going to Scottsdale in December to attend my judge’s school, getting into graduate school, and building the barn. These moments will shape who I am for the next decade of my life as their impact are the most long-lasting.

I will forever remember Ralphie pushing my hand away when we landed in Phoenix. He had been so nervous about flying, but by the end he didn’t even need me; looking out the window in awe at the lights in the night.

What sustained you this past year?

Ralph. His support gets me through everything.


What do you want to achieve before this time next year?

I think that my “r” certification level (Arabian horse judge) is certainly achievable by this time next year. I am also hoping I haven’t failed the 4 grad courses I will have completed. I guess we will see.

8 thoughts on “03/26/22 – On this day in 1983…

  1. Wow! You’ve had yourself a year for sure! I love the question/answer format, the flow just feels right. Do you have experience building? I’m not a real handy person, so I’m always impressed with people who can physically create things.
    Thanks for sharing your year on this earth with us! 🙂

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    1. My husband is an incredible craftsman (although he wouldn’t call himself that). He grew up working construction with his dad and uncle and has always had his hand in some sort of building project. I have learned so much from him (installed cabinets by myself last weekend) and love these challenges. The barn is by far our biggest project and it brings me such joy to pull into the driveway and see it. Thank you for connecting with me on my bday! ❤


  2. I remember your post from last year! I think I copied this (will be checking back on my blog to see!) What a wonderful way to reflect on your year. You have accomplished a lot. Your barn is amazing. To think that you built that by hand…so many hours of love put into it. Your property is a dream. Being able to head out on daily walks = joy! Wishing you all the best in your Grad program! You will rock it!

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  3. What great accomplishments . You have every reason to be proud. I really like like your turning the thought of bad ideas being view as less successful ideas. After all, many less successful ideas bring about ideas that really take off. I am sure you will have a very successful and productive year.

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