03/27/2022 – Milk Sloshing

I grabbed the plastic gallon of milk out of the fridge

jovial and animated, swooping around

gathering the mug and Milano cookies.

My hands still warm from doing the dishes when

the milk sloshed up through the

hollow handle of the carton.

The cold on my palm stopped me.

I looked at my hand, startled by my pause yet

somehow smirking.

I shook the carton just enough,

watching the milk slosh

the sensation of movement in my hands.

from somewhere behind me, “What are you doing?”

“I don’t exactly know.”

6 thoughts on “03/27/2022 – Milk Sloshing

  1. Dear Janeen,

    To say that this poem is lovely would be an understatement! I instantly connected to your milano cookies, and your illustrious description of the sloshing milk summoned the most beautiful visual.

    That you included the warmth of your hands after immediately doing the dishes compels the reader to delve deeper into the sensory experiences of the moment you so carefully described. You feel the glee, the exhilaration, the surprise, and the satisfaction of the classic milk and cookie combination.

    I am equally enamored with your pic! I have many fond memories of sinking my teeth into said sugar cookie with ample frosting. I’m easily a food fanatic, and this post was just delightful and delicious.

    Thanks so much for sharing!

    Liked by 1 person

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