03/29/22 Right now…

Inspired by M. McCormick’s slice from a few days ago.

Right now I am…

:: volunteering at Brockport’s annual Diversity Conference, encouraging sleepy college students that being able to see Nikole Hannah Jones speak is an incredible opportunity.

:: staring at students looking at their phone while I look at a blank wall.

:: planning the display I create with students to fill the wall at our fireside lounge within the student union

:: wondering why they call it the fireside lounge if there isn’t the implied fireplace anywhere.

:: listening to the men on their break talk about the radio show segment from this morning’s commute – coincidentally it’s the same segment that I heard too.

:: debating whether or not I should jump into their conversation.

:: smelling the aromas of Subway’s bread baking in preparation for lunch.

:: remembering my mom and gram eating at the Subway in the Olean mall. Its location was across from the old McDonalds and they were snobbishly eating their black forest ham sub judging those across the way with happy meals.

:: laughing at the irony because my friend who worked at Subway told me how their bread is full of toxins and they treat their high school employees like garbage…at least in Fredonia.

8 thoughts on “03/29/22 Right now…

  1. This format puts us in the moment…things happening now, not earlier and not later, but presently. Subway bread full of toxins? Oh my, I will have to remember that the next time I am scarfing down a meatball sub.

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    1. Oh my gosh they have the best subs! And a particularly love meatball… It’s kind of like when someone let me know how many calories are in a Krispy Kreme donut… why ruin someone’s joy??? Go ahead and eat the sub… It’ll be okay.

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