03/25/22 – sour mood

In Wegmans today, Ralphie grabbed my leg and told me that he hoped I would feel less sad soon. I know kiddo. There were a lot of people around, the sounds and lights were too much and I was trying to find solid ground for my nerves. I am usually pretty good at hiding theContinue reading “03/25/22 – sour mood”

03/19/22 Kitchen

Today I helped my sister put up her kitchen cabinets. I gathered the hammer, the little nail, the impact driver, the screws, the washers, the levels, the drill bits, and screw heads. I measured the cabinets. I measured the wall space. I measured the stud locations. I measured it all twice, three times. I tookContinue reading “03/19/22 Kitchen”

03/18/22 – 70* Days

What do you do with a 70* day? Do you stay inside and do the dishes?Or do you open the doors and blow dandelion wishes? Do you fold all the laundry that is baskets and piles?Or do you walk through the field, the woods, for miles and miles? Do you make the beds and scornContinue reading “03/18/22 – 70* Days”

03/17/22 – St. Patrick’s Day

Before Ralphie started school, we didn’t know to create traps of green and gold, hot glue and coins. We didn’t know there was a little mischievous leprechaun that would find his way into our home to spread gold confetti everywhere or that he would pee in our toilet and not flush. But now that RalphieContinue reading “03/17/22 – St. Patrick’s Day”

03/15/22 Thoughts on Flying

Completely unrelated to this post: Happy Birthday, Eva Poppy New Girl. Leave the overhead luggage at least three rows ahead of your seat so you can yank it down with less pressure. Always accept the snacks. Elicit the spiritual support of deceased family and friends when you feel the panic attack coming on. When selectingContinue reading “03/15/22 Thoughts on Flying”

03/14/22 Pi Day

Happy Pi Day! Ralph has robotics on St. Patrick’s Day this year (Go Team 1511) so we planned our St. Paddy’s corned beef reubens for tonight’s dinner. Acknowledging that this is a first-world problem, I forgot that TODAY is Pi day and there is nothing I love more than planning pies, baking pies, and eatingContinue reading “03/14/22 Pi Day”

03/13/22 – On getting highlights

My stylist was running her fingers through my hair. “Oh I can totally see this coming back. I mean it’s such a traditional way of coloring hair.” Traditional way of coloring hair? I sit with no response; furtively glance at my hair. The stylist behind us almost chortles, “Yeah, maybe if they call it byContinue reading “03/13/22 – On getting highlights”

03/05/22 – Application Update

The email: Dear Janeen, There has been an update to your application status. Please log in to your status page using the following link: Applicant Status Page Sincerely, XXXXXXXXASSOCIATE DIRECTOR OF ADMISSION OPERATIONS Incredible sinking. Why would an email be so vague if there was news worth celebrating? Gosh, it has been six months sinceContinue reading “03/05/22 – Application Update”

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