03/31/22 Reflection

WOW! one whole month has absolutely flown bywriters supporting writers with every simple reply. Brought together by the crew at Two Writing Teacherswe found community, support, writing our features. Each day brought inspiration and sometimes partial stress but I published, supported, and felt some success. I personally loved the connections I madereading their words curedContinue reading “03/31/22 Reflection”

03/22/22 – American Woodcocks

Last spring, Ralphie and I were wandering the back paths. Nothing on our minds, just a chance to connect with the quiet after a long day. We noticed a brown fluff on the ground and as we approached we saw a unique-looking bird, with large black eyes and a long beak. We didn’t know whatContinue reading “03/22/22 – American Woodcocks”

03/15/22 Thoughts on Flying

Completely unrelated to this post: Happy Birthday, Eva Poppy New Girl. Leave the overhead luggage at least three rows ahead of your seat so you can yank it down with less pressure. Always accept the snacks. Elicit the spiritual support of deceased family and friends when you feel the panic attack coming on. When selectingContinue reading “03/15/22 Thoughts on Flying”

03/08/22 – Ralphie is an artist

Yesterday I opened your backpack, the one with the T-rex from Jurassic World on it. The one that you weren’t sure you wanted, but deep down loved. Going through your take-home folder I found your book of “-it” words, a “melted snowman” and a fundraising form. A fundraiser that uses a student-selected art piece, toContinue reading “03/08/22 – Ralphie is an artist”

03/06/22 – a beautiful day needs beautfiul words

Today is a spring-fueled, ineffable-level of beautiful, the aurora waking us up to the dewy petrichor the grass supine, stretching, almost incandescent both the birds and daily walkers no longer in solitude, lacking the wintery clinomania eudaemonia in March Inspired from both the day’s splendor and this Grammarly post

Seeing a Space

PART 1 of this JDH Journal Disclaimer: I am not sure what I am going to do with this series of posts, but I have forever wanted to document this life experience. I am just hoping to make this a weekly walk down memory lane… The space is an 1890 farmhouse. 1700 square foot duplexContinue reading “Seeing a Space”

New Adventures

Just a small slice of my life, but I am going through the beginning stages of becoming a certified USEF (United States Equestrian Federation) Arabian horse show judge. I flew out to Scottsdale this past December to enroll in the judge’s school and seminar. It cost money I didn’t have, but the knowledge and sunshineContinue reading “New Adventures”

What We Take & What is Taken (04/13/21)

Inspired by a #VerseLove entry by Andy Schoenborn who writes for one of my favorite teacher-writing blogs Ethical ELA. For more information on this particular approach to writing check out Andy’s entry here. like always, the red handled scissors are theredutifully attached to the barn’s worn beamI pull the lever on the double-ended snapreleasing themContinue reading “What We Take & What is Taken (04/13/21)”

New Books (04/06/21)

There is something to be saidabout slipping a knife’s tip throughthe sticky tape, hearing that crisp pop when the seal breaksfingertips grasping, feeling around for the seamlifting up on the box’s exteriorrevealing the coveted this month Life of Pi‘s blue and orange coverfaces me, the mysterious fa├žade of What Comes After peaking out from underneathwithContinue reading “New Books (04/06/21)”

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