03/22/22 – American Woodcocks

Last spring, Ralphie and I were wandering the back paths. Nothing on our minds, just a chance to connect with the quiet after a long day. We noticed a brown fluff on the ground and as we approached we saw a unique-looking bird, with large black eyes and a long beak. We didn’t know whatContinue reading “03/22/22 – American Woodcocks”

Kill Deer (03/23/21)

Yesterday I heard them. The penetrating shrill tee-dee-de-de-de, tee-dee-de-de-de. I have been expecting them and it wasn’t long before I spotted their white undercarriage as they took flight from the ground’s camouflage. The house I purchased two years ago had been vacant and unkept for five years. The side yard a sea of eight footContinue reading “Kill Deer (03/23/21)”

a moment shared with a mourning dove (03/05/21)

This morning is filled with sunlight, birds’ songs, a cold wind. The sky, blanched by the cold, yet unremittingly blue and the clouds are not overhead, but above the trees miles and miles away. Barring the invasive sleeping sounds of the large dog laying next to me I find myself mesmerized by the cattails thatContinue reading “a moment shared with a mourning dove (03/05/21)”

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