03/25/22 – sour mood

In Wegmans today, Ralphie grabbed my leg and told me that he hoped I would feel less sad soon. I know kiddo. There were a lot of people around, the sounds and lights were too much and I was trying to find solid ground for my nerves. I am usually pretty good at hiding theContinue reading “03/25/22 – sour mood”

03/19/22 Kitchen

Today I helped my sister put up her kitchen cabinets. I gathered the hammer, the little nail, the impact driver, the screws, the washers, the levels, the drill bits, and screw heads. I measured the cabinets. I measured the wall space. I measured the stud locations. I measured it all twice, three times. I tookContinue reading “03/19/22 Kitchen”

a moment shared with a mourning dove (03/05/21)

This morning is filled with sunlight, birds’ songs, a cold wind. The sky, blanched by the cold, yet unremittingly blue and the clouds are not overhead, but above the trees miles and miles away. Barring the invasive sleeping sounds of the large dog laying next to me I find myself mesmerized by the cattails thatContinue reading “a moment shared with a mourning dove (03/05/21)”

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