03/24/22 couch

I’m on the couch tonight because Maple couldn’t be upstairs. I felt for her sitting down in the dark all alone. I could hear her whimpering; questioning where I was and why I wasn’t sleeping snuggled up with her. I am sleeping on the couch tonight. Big fluffy comforter and my pillow. Miss Maple snugglingContinue reading “03/24/22 couch”

Can We Just Talk About (03/29/21)

If you’re in a good place, please just pass this one by because I don’t want to ruin your day; foul your mood. This will just be a series of gripes that have been festering for the last few days. No need to validate any of this. I am just using this platform to getContinue reading “Can We Just Talk About (03/29/21)”

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