03/19/22 Kitchen

Today I helped my sister put up her kitchen cabinets. I gathered the hammer, the little nail, the impact driver, the screws, the washers, the levels, the drill bits, and screw heads. I measured the cabinets. I measured the wall space. I measured the stud locations. I measured it all twice, three times. I tookContinue reading “03/19/22 Kitchen”

Where the Walls Meet the Ceiling (03/13/21)

Have you ever sat at friend’s dining room table and looked at their paint on the walls? Or maybe you were going to the bathroom and looked around while you were…you know. Do you ever wonder why they chose the color or why they chose to keep the color after moving in? I do. DoContinue reading “Where the Walls Meet the Ceiling (03/13/21)”

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