03/26/22 – On this day in 1983…

On this day in 1983, I officially became a living, breathing member of society and with every full orbital rotation, I feel compelled to reflect on the past year while looking forward to the next. Today’s reflection is inspired by last year’s post: NYT 7 Q’s/Bday Reflections. I had to modify the questions because theContinue reading “03/26/22 – On this day in 1983…”

New Adventures

Just a small slice of my life, but I am going through the beginning stages of becoming a certified USEF (United States Equestrian Federation) Arabian horse show judge. I flew out to Scottsdale this past December to enroll in the judge’s school and seminar. It cost money I didn’t have, but the knowledge and sunshineContinue reading “New Adventures”

What We Take & What is Taken (04/13/21)

Inspired by a #VerseLove entry by Andy Schoenborn who writes for one of my favorite teacher-writing blogs Ethical ELA. For more information on this particular approach to writing check out Andy’s entry here. like always, the red handled scissors are theredutifully attached to the barn’s worn beamI pull the lever on the double-ended snapreleasing themContinue reading “What We Take & What is Taken (04/13/21)”

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