Seeing a Space

PART 1 of this JDH Journal Disclaimer: I am not sure what I am going to do with this series of posts, but I have forever wanted to document this life experience. I am just hoping to make this a weekly walk down memory lane… The space is an 1890 farmhouse. 1700 square foot duplexContinue reading “Seeing a Space”

NYT 7 Q’s/Bday Reflections (03/26/21)

Happy Birthday to me! Every year on my birthday, I always try to find a way to reflect on the previous year. Asking myself a variety of questions that get me thinking about what I have done, what goals I want to set, my yearly self-check in. This year is no different; however, after watchingContinue reading “NYT 7 Q’s/Bday Reflections (03/26/21)”

Kill Deer (03/23/21)

Yesterday I heard them. The penetrating shrill tee-dee-de-de-de, tee-dee-de-de-de. I have been expecting them and it wasn’t long before I spotted their white undercarriage as they took flight from the ground’s camouflage. The house I purchased two years ago had been vacant and unkept for five years. The side yard a sea of eight footContinue reading “Kill Deer (03/23/21)”

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