03/28/22 – March Snow

December. the sound of a snowplow at 5:33am holding breath; waiting for the phone to ring sneaking a peek out the blinds praying for mountains of snow March. the sound of a snowplow at 5:33am holding breath; forcing the jaw to unclench practicing slow breaths while closing the blinds praying the wind dies down enoughContinue reading “03/28/22 – March Snow”

03/26/22 – On this day in 1983…

On this day in 1983, I officially became a living, breathing member of society and with every full orbital rotation, I feel compelled to reflect on the past year while looking forward to the next. Today’s reflection is inspired by last year’s post: NYT 7 Q’s/Bday Reflections. I had to modify the questions because theContinue reading “03/26/22 – On this day in 1983…”

03/25/22 – sour mood

In Wegmans today, Ralphie grabbed my leg and told me that he hoped I would feel less sad soon. I know kiddo. There were a lot of people around, the sounds and lights were too much and I was trying to find solid ground for my nerves. I am usually pretty good at hiding theContinue reading “03/25/22 – sour mood”

03/23/22 I was raised on…

My house my rules… – my mother so much resentment stems from this, but spiteful actions have made me more independent. I purchased my first car at 18 after being told the variation, “my keys my rules.” Fine. I will buy my own car and your rules can kiss my a$$. Enough blue in theContinue reading “03/23/22 I was raised on…”

03/22/22 – American Woodcocks

Last spring, Ralphie and I were wandering the back paths. Nothing on our minds, just a chance to connect with the quiet after a long day. We noticed a brown fluff on the ground and as we approached we saw a unique-looking bird, with large black eyes and a long beak. We didn’t know whatContinue reading “03/22/22 – American Woodcocks”

03/17/22 – St. Patrick’s Day

Before Ralphie started school, we didn’t know to create traps of green and gold, hot glue and coins. We didn’t know there was a little mischievous leprechaun that would find his way into our home to spread gold confetti everywhere or that he would pee in our toilet and not flush. But now that RalphieContinue reading “03/17/22 – St. Patrick’s Day”

03/16/22 – Maple Florence, My Love

Morning walks through wet grass toward the mulch piles and muddy trails probably wouldn’t happen if you weren’t in my life. Alert yet unaware, not sure which path to choose, which path will lead to scents and trails of new experiences. I blissfully yet blindly follow you. A Paragon of adolescence, always bounding and pouncing,Continue reading “03/16/22 – Maple Florence, My Love”

03/15/22 Thoughts on Flying

Completely unrelated to this post: Happy Birthday, Eva Poppy New Girl. Leave the overhead luggage at least three rows ahead of your seat so you can yank it down with less pressure. Always accept the snacks. Elicit the spiritual support of deceased family and friends when you feel the panic attack coming on. When selectingContinue reading “03/15/22 Thoughts on Flying”

03/12/22- 1971 Coins

I never imagined finding coins from 1971 would consume so much of my father’s waking time. He has to find them. Maybe a dime, maybe a quarter, a nickel, a wheat penny. 1971 was the year Michael Strahan was born and my father wants so desperately to send these coins to him. I don’t askContinue reading “03/12/22- 1971 Coins”

03/10/22 Quiet

The quiet is always something that I thoroughly enjoy. When I was little my parents would always yell, “Girls, we want our two best friends!” Baffled, we’d ask, “Who’s that?” Depleted, they’d respond, “Peace and quiet.” Bonnie and I would head outside thinking that they [our parents] were rather strange. As an adult, I lookContinue reading “03/10/22 Quiet”

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