03/09/22 – HBD, C

Two years ago today I drove a friend home from work we had carpooled because he wasn’t allowed to drive (after donating his kidney to his love) . We talked about FFA, 4H, students we shared, and Taylor Swift. We chatted about this weird disease and fancied rumors about our campus closing for the remainderContinue reading “03/09/22 – HBD, C”

03/08/22 – Ralphie is an artist

Yesterday I opened your backpack, the one with the T-rex from Jurassic World on it. The one that you weren’t sure you wanted, but deep down loved. Going through your take-home folder I found your book of “-it” words, a “melted snowman” and a fundraising form. A fundraiser that uses a student-selected art piece, toContinue reading “03/08/22 – Ralphie is an artist”

03/05/22 – Application Update

The email: Dear Janeen, There has been an update to your application status. Please log in to your status page using the following link: Applicant Status Page Sincerely, XXXXXXXXASSOCIATE DIRECTOR OF ADMISSION OPERATIONS Incredible sinking. Why would an email be so vague if there was news worth celebrating? Gosh, it has been six months sinceContinue reading “03/05/22 – Application Update”

03/02/22 Adjusting

“I’ll make you a poem. I’ll paint you a picture. I’ll knit you something in shades of blue.” excerpt from “Imagine” by Rebecca Kai Dotlich We all had to make adjustments. I painted “quarantine cards” recorded “Once in a Blue Moon” with dad wrote regularly in my notebook mastered making choux pastry designed, ever soContinue reading “03/02/22 Adjusting”

Seeing a Space

PART 1 of this JDH Journal Disclaimer: I am not sure what I am going to do with this series of posts, but I have forever wanted to document this life experience. I am just hoping to make this a weekly walk down memory lane… The space is an 1890 farmhouse. 1700 square foot duplexContinue reading “Seeing a Space”

Packing Ralphie’s library

from my writer’s notebook: I packed up Ralphie’s library today. I guess I started there because I knew that I would be able to clear the space quickly. Most of them in crates, used as bookshelves, already. I have to make his room look and feel larger than it really is. I packed up Ralphie’sContinue reading “Packing Ralphie’s library”

What We Take & What is Taken (04/13/21)

Inspired by a #VerseLove entry by Andy Schoenborn who writes for one of my favorite teacher-writing blogs Ethical ELA. For more information on this particular approach to writing check out Andy’s entry here. like always, the red handled scissors are theredutifully attached to the barn’s worn beamI pull the lever on the double-ended snapreleasing themContinue reading “What We Take & What is Taken (04/13/21)”

7 Day; 7 Lines (03/09/21)

from a prompt: write a poem where each line/sentence is about each day of last week monday. not manic. not mundane, but a newly declared “FAT MARVELOUS MONDAY” all because strawberries with whipped cream were served for breakfast. tuesday. sitting in a windowless dentist’s office. a living cavity full of floss, fluoride, and false promisesContinue reading “7 Day; 7 Lines (03/09/21)”

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