03/25/22 – sour mood

In Wegmans today, Ralphie grabbed my leg and told me that he hoped I would feel less sad soon. I know kiddo. There were a lot of people around, the sounds and lights were too much and I was trying to find solid ground for my nerves. I am usually pretty good at hiding theContinue reading “03/25/22 – sour mood”

03/23/22 I was raised on…

My house my rules… – my mother so much resentment stems from this, but spiteful actions have made me more independent. I purchased my first car at 18 after being told the variation, “my keys my rules.” Fine. I will buy my own car and your rules can kiss my a$$. Enough blue in theContinue reading “03/23/22 I was raised on…”

03/13/22 – On getting highlights

My stylist was running her fingers through my hair. “Oh I can totally see this coming back. I mean it’s such a traditional way of coloring hair.” Traditional way of coloring hair? I sit with no response; furtively glance at my hair. The stylist behind us almost chortles, “Yeah, maybe if they call it byContinue reading “03/13/22 – On getting highlights”

03/10/22 Quiet

The quiet is always something that I thoroughly enjoy. When I was little my parents would always yell, “Girls, we want our two best friends!” Baffled, we’d ask, “Who’s that?” Depleted, they’d respond, “Peace and quiet.” Bonnie and I would head outside thinking that they [our parents] were rather strange. As an adult, I lookContinue reading “03/10/22 Quiet”

03/08/22 – Ralphie is an artist

Yesterday I opened your backpack, the one with the T-rex from Jurassic World on it. The one that you weren’t sure you wanted, but deep down loved. Going through your take-home folder I found your book of “-it” words, a “melted snowman” and a fundraising form. A fundraiser that uses a student-selected art piece, toContinue reading “03/08/22 – Ralphie is an artist”

Time to Talk* (03/19/21)

My mother opened the door outsidethe full moon casting glitter on the front lawn, fresh snow unmarked by the deer and rabbits. She was looking for Orange Catafraid he snuck outside when my nephewput the golf cart awayPicturing him shivering woke her suddenly “Here kitty kitty” the echoing “Here cat, here key cat” across theContinue reading “Time to Talk* (03/19/21)”

Painting My Nails (03/17/21)

This past Sunday I sat with mother and painted my nails at the kitchen table. It was a cyan blue, something that I normally don’t gravitate toward, not because I don’t love the color, but because I knew that it would be glaringly obvious when I started picking. I am a picker. Not the kindContinue reading “Painting My Nails (03/17/21)”

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