Name/Identity Poem (03/24/21)

Using Sara K. Ahmed’s “Stories of Our Names” philosophy and pairing it with “Instruction for a Name Poem” shared by Mary Napoli and Emily Ritholz (Voices from the Middle, 2009) I wrote this new-to-me version of a name poem (gosh there are so many ways to do this which is awesome). Each semester, my graduateContinue reading “Name/Identity Poem (03/24/21)”

Creation through Elimination (03/07/21)

With the help of a dear friend, I was introduced to the journaling brilliance of Sulekia Jaouad, who has built a creative writing/journaling movement via the Isolation Journals. As a member of her writing community, I receive a weekly email with journaling ideas; which are perfect for mornings when my thoughts are cliché or fickle.Continue reading “Creation through Elimination (03/07/21)”

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