03/19/22 Kitchen

Today I helped my sister put up her kitchen cabinets. I gathered the hammer, the little nail, the impact driver, the screws, the washers, the levels, the drill bits, and screw heads. I measured the cabinets. I measured the wall space. I measured the stud locations. I measured it all twice, three times. I tookContinue reading “03/19/22 Kitchen”

Time to Talk* (03/19/21)

My mother opened the door outsidethe full moon casting glitter on the front lawn, fresh snow unmarked by the deer and rabbits. She was looking for Orange Catafraid he snuck outside when my nephewput the golf cart awayPicturing him shivering woke her suddenly “Here kitty kitty” the echoing “Here cat, here key cat” across theContinue reading “Time to Talk* (03/19/21)”

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