03/30/22 Snippets

“Dandelion Puffs” Beautiful weed grows like yellow rays of sunshine vanishing to clouds “Early April Morning” Building nests of mud sparrows chriping in their homes drinking drops of dew “Ontario” water lapping shores of gray beaches; cries from gulls dancing in the waves “Blanets of Clouds” muted gray clouds blow across the sky, smothering lifeContinue reading “03/30/22 Snippets”

03/28/22 – March Snow

December. the sound of a snowplow at 5:33am holding breath; waiting for the phone to ring sneaking a peek out the blinds praying for mountains of snow March. the sound of a snowplow at 5:33am holding breath; forcing the jaw to unclench practicing slow breaths while closing the blinds praying the wind dies down enoughContinue reading “03/28/22 – March Snow”

03/22/22 – American Woodcocks

Last spring, Ralphie and I were wandering the back paths. Nothing on our minds, just a chance to connect with the quiet after a long day. We noticed a brown fluff on the ground and as we approached we saw a unique-looking bird, with large black eyes and a long beak. We didn’t know whatContinue reading “03/22/22 – American Woodcocks”

03/19/22 Kitchen

Today I helped my sister put up her kitchen cabinets. I gathered the hammer, the little nail, the impact driver, the screws, the washers, the levels, the drill bits, and screw heads. I measured the cabinets. I measured the wall space. I measured the stud locations. I measured it all twice, three times. I tookContinue reading “03/19/22 Kitchen”

03/18/22 – 70* Days

What do you do with a 70* day? Do you stay inside and do the dishes?Or do you open the doors and blow dandelion wishes? Do you fold all the laundry that is baskets and piles?Or do you walk through the field, the woods, for miles and miles? Do you make the beds and scornContinue reading “03/18/22 – 70* Days”

03/16/22 – Maple Florence, My Love

Morning walks through wet grass toward the mulch piles and muddy trails probably wouldn’t happen if you weren’t in my life. Alert yet unaware, not sure which path to choose, which path will lead to scents and trails of new experiences. I blissfully yet blindly follow you. A Paragon of adolescence, always bounding and pouncing,Continue reading “03/16/22 – Maple Florence, My Love”

03/14/22 Pi Day

Happy Pi Day! Ralph has robotics on St. Patrick’s Day this year (Go Team 1511) so we planned our St. Paddy’s corned beef reubens for tonight’s dinner. Acknowledging that this is a first-world problem, I forgot that TODAY is Pi day and there is nothing I love more than planning pies, baking pies, and eatingContinue reading “03/14/22 Pi Day”

03/06/22 – a beautiful day needs beautfiul words

Today is a spring-fueled, ineffable-level of beautiful, the aurora waking us up to the dewy petrichor the grass supine, stretching, almost incandescent both the birds and daily walkers no longer in solitude, lacking the wintery clinomania eudaemonia in March Inspired from both the day’s splendor and this Grammarly post

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