03/10/22 Quiet

my backyard – where I find the quiet.

The quiet is always something that I thoroughly enjoy. When I was little my parents would always yell, “Girls, we want our two best friends!”

Baffled, we’d ask,

“Who’s that?”

Depleted, they’d respond,

“Peace and quiet.”

Bonnie and I would head outside thinking that they [our parents] were rather strange. As an adult, I look back laughing. The quiet is exactly what one needs every now and then. Like Thursdays. Simple, peace and quiet.

3 thoughts on “03/10/22 Quiet

  1. Your parents are geniuses- can I try this line tomorrow during my classes?! Haha just kidding. I love how peaceful and quiet the tone of this post was, and a beautiful picture to boot!


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