03/06/22 – a beautiful day needs beautfiul words

Today is a spring-fueled, ineffable-level of beautiful,

the aurora waking us up to the dewy petrichor

the grass supine, stretching, almost incandescent

both the birds and daily walkers no longer in solitude,

lacking the wintery clinomania

eudaemonia in March

Photo by Jonathan Petersson on Pexels.com

Inspired from both the day’s splendor and this Grammarly post

10 thoughts on “03/06/22 – a beautiful day needs beautfiul words

  1. What a beautiful picture. It just makes you want to be part of the scene. The fresh scents call. It would be hard to stay in bed with a beautiful day beckoning you to come outside and be part of it.

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    1. It is so windy! But I have all of my windows open! The first few gusts sent items on the counters and tables everywhere 🤣 – It’s going to drop 30° tomorrow so I’m going to live it up right now!

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  2. I so rarely have to look up words and I was about to after reading your post when I – happily- checked the Grammerly link first! Your whole post was a surprise and a delight. Petrichor is the word I decided I most need to add to my vocabulary. I might just make my own list of beautiful words and why I think they deserve to be on the list- what a fun idea.

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    1. ha ha ha – I’m definitely a Ron in Hermione clothes this post (for complete transparency). I found all of those words…not knowing what many of them meant…I loved your comment!


  3. What a beautiful poem. Mary Oliver would be proud. Your word choice was so selective and effective at transporting me to a stunning scene. Petrichor is one of my all-time favorite words, and now clinomania and eudaemonia are added to that list.

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